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Putin purports to be an ardent Christian.

Kind of like how Andropov loved Western scotch, Khrushchev was a reformer, and Stalin became a Christian Nationalist during WWII. Lenin even became a capitalist. I'm not joking. For further information, read up on his New Economic Policy.

Of course, to the cognizant observer who possesses a modicum of self-respect and doesn't like being manipulated, this is a clear pattern of lies emanating from Moscow. Putin's Christian faith is nothing more than a continuation of the pattern.

Putin's alleged Christian faith acts as cover for his support of Islamc Jihad around the world.

Putin gives diplomatic support, money, and weapons to Jihadi groups. He backs Iran's Mullahs, genocidal Sudan, Hamas, Erdogan, Palestinians and Abbas and more. Putin even supports Jihadis killing his own citizens right in Moscow as is seen clearly in the case of Boris Nemtsov.

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