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Boris Nemtsov was a Russian patriot, accomplished physicist, anti-Communist, anti-Jihadist, and practicing Orthodox Christian. Putin's Jihadi allies killed him and were rewarded.

Nemtsov took a strong stand for Christians and Russia. He stated:

Islam is a young religion. It originates from 7th century, so it's approximately 600 years younger than Christianity. If christians live in 21st century, muslims are in 14-15th. Note that 14-15th is when inquisition flourished, age of heretic trials and burning people alive. Right now we're witnessing medieval Islamist inquisition. Ages will pass and Islam will become mature, terrorism is going to be a thing of the past. But we can't sit around and do nothing.

Nemtsov's reward was to be shot in the back, within site of the Kremlin. Zaur Dadayev was convicted as the triggerman and shouted "I love Prophet Mohammed" while being taken out of court.

Dadayev's accomplice, Beslan Shavanov, in true Jihadi fashion, preferred to kill authorities and blow himself up rather than be taken into custody.

Putin's close friend, Ramzan Kadyrov, the Jihadi warlord who rules over Russian territory, called Dadayev a "true patriot," after Nemtsovs assassination. Kadyrov suggested the hit was carried out because Nemtsov stood against Jihad which "shocked" Dadayev who was a "deeply religious [Muslim]."

The Russian court could not find a motive for the killing. Dadayev received twenty years in prison. His accomplices less time. And Putin awarded Kadyrov a medal just one month after Nemtsovs murder.